Handmade Oaxaca Wool Rug with Saw Pattern



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The fabric is 100% heavyweight wool on the front and raw linen on the back.

3 ft length x 2 ft width:

Spot clean with a damp cloth or dry clean

This wool rug is 100% handmade on a waist loom. Its iconic geometric design works as an accent piece in any room setting.  This rug is from the Teotitlan Del Valle community of Oaxaca Mexico. The creation of a wool carpet like this is a slow process that can take up to 2 weeks to finish!  This ancient pattern can be used in bohemian, southwestern, mid-century, and modern settings.  You can use it as a stand-alone piece below your bed, nightstand, or sofa; for your home or office foyer or entrance, or it can be used as a setting area for a small table or plant.